Friday, February 6, 2009

Reticule Added To Grid Systems

A reticule, or cross-hair, has been added to the center of the Grid Systems screen. As shown in the screen shot below, the current coordinates are displayed when the cursor is placed over the reticule. The current position is also displayed in the "Places" window on the left side of the screen. If either the reticule or the places view is clicked, a pop-up balloon lists the current position in a variety of coordinate systems: Latitude/Longitude, UTM, UPS, MGRS, and GeoRef.

Click for larger image.



Munir said...

I must say an excellent addition to the capabiilities. Is there an offline version planned so that one can use it when not connected to internet (earlier I saw a similar one available on If so, it would be of great help. Moreover, is it possible to add additional country specific systems such as based on Lambert Conformal Conical projection with two standard parallels? Still, great initiative.

Bill Clark said...

Thanks, I am glad this is helping you.

1) Offline version - it might be possible. May I ask how this would be used? Google Earth's capabilities are quite limited when off-line.

2) Country specific grids - yes, most grids can be mapped onto Google Earth. Which ones are you interested in?