Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Earth Point for Your Town or Company

Several people have asked if Earth Point is available for other cities or projects. Like a new house, the answer is yes, we can build it. The following elements are needed for a presentation on Google Earth.
  1. Good satellite imagery. For most urban areas, the imagery is excellent.
  2. Digital mapping files of legal parcels. These are used to accurately locate properties on Google Earth. Digital mapping files are generally available from the local county assessor’s office, in the form of ESRI shape files. The cost varies greatly, anywhere from free to thousands of dollars.
  3. Access to local MLS data. This is accomplished by either by joining the MLS organization or by forming a partnership with a current member.
  4. A revenue model. Earth Point can capably take care of steps one through three. We need someone local to take care of step four. It would take about a month to map the county assessor data onto Google Earth. It would take perhaps two more months to include the MLS data. From there, it would be good to budget time for keeping it current and for a regular stream of enhancements.

With over 20-million records in its database and a fast presentation speed, Earth Point ably manages large ESRI shape files, robust databases, the web environment, and Google Earth. Earth Point can map fixed and mobile assets, turning Google Earth into an information manager for almost any system. Please call if Earth Point can assist with any of your IT or data processing needs.

Phone 208.860.6311 or email bill.clark@earthpoint.us.

Earth Point real estate software is protected by copyright. Local implementations are licensed to the client.