Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Township and Range Options

It is possible to change the appearance of the Township and Range grid. Quarter/Quarters can be hidden, grid colors changed, and label appearance modified. The options can be set when the Township and Range grid is initially downloaded or they can be modified from Google Earth itself. Either way, the option screens are the same. The following illustrations show how to modify the grid after it is opened in Google Earth.

Sections and Quarter/Quarters
By default, Sections are shown in purple, Quarter/Quarters are green. Click on the "Earth Point Townships" folder to set the options. Click for larger image.

Options Menu
In this example, we will hide the quarter/quarters and change the section color to from purple to red. Click for larger image.

Color Picker
Red is selected. Click for larger image.

Options Menu
Quarter/Quarters is set to "Hidden". Section color is set to "Red". Click for larger image.

Modified Appearance
The end result. Click for larger image.