Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forum Introduced

Earth Point has a new forum page. Earth Point will soon exceed 1,000 visits per day, so I think there are enough people to make it work. As always, you are welcome to write or call me personally. That said, one nice thing about a forum is that everyone benefits from the questions and can participate in the answers. Included is a section called "Excel To Kml Showcase". I have seen a few of the spreadsheets, and they are amazing. Please feel free to post them here. You might need to trim them, as there is a 1MB per file limit. You can get to the forum from the Earth Point menu, or click here.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the earthpoint website? It appears to be down.

Bill Clark said...

We are back. Sorry for the inconvenience. We had some problems and our hosting company moved us to new servers. I posted a few details at

Anonymous said...

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