Thursday, February 1, 2007

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to market a home. With 360-degree panoramas, additional pictures, and even room planners it is easy to see why virtual tours are so popular.

Each listing in our MLS can link to a virtual tour. Earth Point displays this link provided that it points to a known tour company.

Another requirement is that the tour company must offer a non-branded version of the tour. Branded tours promote a real estate company and its agents. Non-branded tours promote just the property. Earth Point always displays the non-branded tour, even if a branded link is entered into the MLS system.

The number of virtual tour companies is ever growing. If your listing uses a company that is not shown here, please let me know.

Virtual Tour Companies Known to Earth Point
InTouch Home Tours
Just Snooping
Real Estate Shows
Real Tour Vision
Tour Factory
Tour Real Estate
Visual Tour

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