Sunday, January 28, 2007

Touring Homes with Earth Point

When working with clients, I use MS Word or NotePad to keep lists of the MLS numbers we have looked at or are interested in.

To organize the lists, I put a short description at the beginning of each line. The MLS numbers follow, separated by commas. Like this:

Jan 12 looked at: 98280903, 98277414, 98281328
Jan 22 preparation: 98283878, 98280321, 98284890, 98259765

From there it is a simple matter to display the listings on Google Earth. I "copy" a row of MLS Numbers into the clipboard and "paste" it into the MLS Number(s) field on the Earth Point home page.

Download to Google Earth, and there are the listings. I can even take my laptop on tour and use Google Earth to navigate from house to house. Of course, someone else has to drive!

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